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The latest North-Corean missil

In recent months, the international community has been passively looking to see how North Corea carried out ballistic tests and its short, medium and long range rockets. But the problem is not only this, the huge problema comes when there is no reaction to all this ballistic test. What´s more, the problem is that the international community… Sigue leyendo The latest North-Corean missil

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Review about the book “The Jury number 10”

This book is about the life of a group of people that works in a provincial law firm. They will be involuntarily involved in a case that totally surpasses them: design drugs, money laundering and large-scale corruption. Efrén Porcina, a charming guy who is around one hundred and thirty-eight kilos, follows an online diet and… Sigue leyendo Review about the book “The Jury number 10”