Entretenimiento (entertaining)

A great way to spend time

One of the most enjoyable activities I´m really interested in is playing Magic cards with my friends, or with my brother and cousins. The purpose of this activity is to create an army of creatures to attacking your opponents. The problem is that you can´t put the creatures on land to attack if yo don´t have land cards to turn with the purpose of getting the creatures from your hand to put them into the way of attack.

On the other hand, the problem is that yu can´t attack your opponents until 1 turn later after you have put your creatures ont the way of attack. Each player has 20 lives for all the game, but you loose them is you don´t have enough creatures to attack or to protect yourself from other oponents attack. There are some creatures that can help you to have more lives.

I enjoy this kind of game because it lets you to stay all evening playing with your friends or family. This was the reason why I started to play with my friends at school, almost in summer, because this was the time when we had more time to play magic cards.

You can spend so many hours with the same game until one of the players decides to finish it. This is the only problem this game has, the great quantity of hours you can spend in one game.

Another problem of the game is that the prices some of the cards they have. Some of the cards can have a price of 100 euros or more. It is better to pay for a group of them.



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