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Article about what make me happy

I have been asked what happiness means to me. This is one of the trickiest questions that each person can do to another one. Looking for happiness is a search that never finishes, because it depends on so many factors of life.

As the odyssey online says, “happiness is when not a care in the world crosses your mind, when you smile, not because you’re supposed to, or because of anything other than joy. It’s when you pass by a stranger and they smile. It’s when you let go, when you laugh until your tummy hurts; it’s when you giggle at something or nothing at all”.

On the other hand, the webpage My Walking Shadow say that happiness seems to be a rather permanent state. When someone asks you “Are you happy?” it is usually meant “Are you satisfied with your life?” rather than “Do you feel joyful at the moment?” At least, that’s how it would be understood in German.

But can happiness really be permanent? Is that even possible? If we were in a state of permanent and infinite happiness, would we even know we were happy?

All these questions are very difficult to answer because happiness, as I have said at the beginning of the article, is very difficult to look for, and it depends on other factors, feelings, and all them together don´t help to be happy.



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